Krystian Woznicki:
Who is afraid of community?
A dialogue with Jean-Luc Nancy
(the book is in German!)

Berlin: DIAMONDPAPER, April 2009
140 pages, including images
11.3 x 16.3 cm
ISBN 978-3-9811050-3-2

EUR 9,90


The current global economic crisis is also a crisis of social values. The question that arises today is: How will we live together in future? Answers are to be extracted - and this is the hypothesis of this book - from a profound reconsideration of the relationship between community and globalization. In dialogue with Jean-Luc Nancy and his philosophy Krystian Woznicki sheds light on a far reaching transformation: Globalization, a process during which the entire planet is being networked, desolves existing contexts (connections, relations, coherencies, etc.) and entails their immediate recreation - a process, which also leads to a desolution and recreation of community. Three essays by cultural critic Krystian Woznicki combine readings of philosophy, cinema, art and literature with personal reflection. His extensive talk with Jean-Luc Nancy opens up the world of an internationally discussed thinker, who is one of the most active and influential figures in philosophy at beginning of the 21st century.

As a contribution to the current debate on the future of society, Diamondpaper starts with Woznickis book a new series of intellectual interventions in pocket book format.

About the author
Krystian Woznicki, born in 1972 in Klodzko, Poland, worked from 1995 until 1998 as correspondent for Spex magazine and as a columnist for Japan Times in Tokyo, after that he moved to Berlin, where he lives and works today as cultural critic. He is founder and publisher of the Berliner Gazette (berlinergazette.de), curator of symposia, author for print and online-media and editor of several readers (including Swiss, 2004; McDeutsch, 2007; Vernetzt, 2009). His last book is: Disconnect. Paradise Production, Mass Tourism, and Globalization (Abschalten. Paradiesproduktion, Massentourismus, Globalisierung) published in 2008.